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B.F.A. [Bachelor of Fine Art]

B.F.A. [Bachelor of Fine Art]

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Course Summery :

BFA is a 4-year full-time undergraduate course. The program is a specialized study of art history, life drawing, and research-led industry practice. Enrolled students are offered the opportunity to explore and work in and between disciplines including, but not limited to, sculpture, animation, performance, painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, and film. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a 4-year long career-oriented undergraduate course under Raja Mansingh Tomar Music & Art University Certification.

About Course :

A BFA course not only educates but reforms the skills of candidates to enable them become artists in their chosen field. Career opportunities for fine arts graduates are ample wherein they can choose to be an art teacher, writer, fine artist, actor, art director, and a lot more. These days many students are opting for a career in Fine Arts not only to earn high remuneration but also to gain popularity and prestige.

• Foundation Course (Theory)
• History of Art (Theory)
• Fundamental of Art (Theory)
• Still Life & Nature Study (Practical)
• Composition (Practical) • Scuplture (Practical)
• Applied Art (Practical)

• History of Fashion - Ancient & Western (Theory)
• Dying and Printing (Theory)
• Principles of Management (Theory)
• Advance Fashion Illustration (Practical)
• Pattern Making & Garment Construction-II (Practical) • Surface Design (Practical)
• Computer Applications (Practical)

• Fabric Studies-Knits (Theory)
• Fashion Forecasting (Theory)
• Retail & Visual Marchandising (Theory)
• Costume Design & Styling - Western (Practical)
• Pattern Making & Garment Construction-III (Practical) • Visual Marchandising (Practical)
• Accessory Design (Practical)

• Fashion Communication & Brand Management (Theory)
• Apparel Manufacturing Process (Theory)
• Costing (Theory)
• Craft & Industry Research Project (Practical)
• Range Development (Practical) • Graduating Show (Practical)
• Internship (Practical)

Objectice of the course :

A Fine Arts course is usually pursued by students who have an artist hidden in them. However, candidates who have a creative bent of mind and a natural instinct towards visual or performing arts are a good fit for BFA course.

The program involves advanced lessons in:

• Painting skills and techniques using acrylic paints.
• Styles of many artists throughout history, with focus on the development of subjective styles.
• Painting forms such as landscapes, still-life, figure, and abstraction.

The course may often culminate in the creation of a professional portfolio by students, providing an evidence of the student's marketable skills. Additional training may be found through non-credit and apprenticeships, private art classes, internships, and other such mentoring opportunities.

Scope of the course :

There are a wide variety of jobs available for Fine Arts graduates in India. There is a good demand for BFA graduates in the sectors of cinema, television, advertising, animation, publishing, textile, art studios, boutiques, educational institutes, and so on. However, the types of job profiles for BFA graduates vary according to their chosen specialisation.

Listed below are popular job roles that are suitable for B.F.A. graduates:

• Art Teacher.
• Fine Artist.
• Multimedia Artist.
• Art Director.
• Painter.
• Graphic Designer.
• Art Conservator.
• Animator.

Course Features

  • Type : UG Degree
  • Duration : 4-Year
  • Exam Mode : Yealy
  • Eligibility : Any 10+2
Seats : 120 Enroll Now

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